Hiking trails

Because of the advantageous situation of our municipality you reach many wonderful places and beautiful landscapes.

Lakes of Monticolo

The lakes of Monticolo do not only wake under the water rats deep feelings. The athmosphere can one also be enjoyed during a walk around the lake or with a sun bath. And the best: with the free shuttle you come directly from your resort to the lake. Much to recommend is also the smaller lake, lain in the forest,it is also deeper as the large Montiggler lake. Its peace and silence is also particularly loved by the native. Additionally a shuttle from the parking lot leads you also to the small Montiggler lake. Here you leave your car untouched gladly!


Our country offers a multiplicity of castles and old Ansitzen, so does Eppan. From Hocheppan over Boymont to the Ansitzen, every destination is worth a hike!

cycle track through fruit meadows

the cycle tracks are constantly extended. It partly leads to Bozen, Meran and Auer across old shut down railroad lines or along the Etsch.


in spring leads you your walking desire through the spring valley. A multiplicity of blooming spring flowers please your heart!

The Ice Holes

A nature phenomenon, which looks for its-same. By the cliff forms a cool air flow in summer. Thus one finds a multiplicity of different plant types on closest area.


Attendance it in the Südtiroler archaeology museum in Bozen the man from the ice. In addition you find the museum for modern trend art (Museion), the Merkantilmuseum and the natural history museum in Bozen. Since short one finds the Messner Mountain museum on castle Sigmundskron. There the mountains are introduced in the art and its history.

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